Over time styles, fashions, trends, and technology are sure to change. This is especially true when it comes to our homes. While it’s commonplace to update and upgrade your home’s kitchen or bathroom, or add on to a patio, the same is true for residential swimming pools. Whether you have an older pool that is simply due for an update, bought a home with a pool that needs to be repaired and upgraded, or want expand or contract the size of your pool, here is everything you need to know about pool remodeling.

The remodeling begins by draining the pool. Depending on the size of your pool, this could take 6-12 hours. Once cleared of water, the chipping out process can begin. This is where the pool’s surface is chipped and primed. If you opt for tiling, it is also done after the chipping is completed. The surface application is performed next. This is the part of the process where a pebble and plaster mixture is pumped into the pool and then hand troweled. Once the surface is completed and dried, the pool can be refilled, followed by chemical treatment.

Whether you no longer need the space of a standard pool, or want to minimize the responsibility of maintenance, a cocktail pool is a great option. Your pool can be converted to a smaller size during a remodel. A smaller pool doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on any other components that you either had, or would like to add. A cocktail pool can be designed and equipped anyway that you would like.

If you bought a house with an existing pool, it may not be quite to the specifications you’d prefer. Likewise, if it’s been a while since you built your pool, your needs may have changed. Whether you’d like to make your pool deeper or shallower, either option is possible during a remodel.

The shape of your pool can also be updated and changed. The more drastic the redesign, the more it will likely cost. This is also a good opportunity to address any other changes you like to include like a tanning ledge, new steps, and more.

A pool renovation can be a good opportunity to move your pool’s pump from its current location. If it is in an inconvenient place now, you can decide to move it to an inconspicuous place where it won’t be seen or heard, but still be easily accessible.

Depending on the age of your pool, there are likely a lot of new design elements that your pool doesn’t have. There are a number of  features like coping, updated LED lighting, a raised spa, water features, and more.

There are many ways to modernize you pool. An aesthetic update with new tiles can brighten it up. You can also add or expand the deck and patio area to add fashion and function to your pool. Another consideration that can add to the value of your pool while saving you money in the long run is replacing your pump system with a new, energy-efficient option.

If you notice small, superficial cracks in your pool, it is nothing to worry about. This is completely normal, especially in the areas of the pool that are the last to be filled with water, like the top steps. These cracks will not jeopardize the performance or safety of your pool.

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