Gunite Pools in Baton Rouge

What is Gunite?

Gunite is a solution made of sand, water, and cement. It is  to traditional concrete; however, instead of being poured into frames, gunite is applied in layers by a special gun that sprays it in layers. This type of application results in surfaces without seams, making the pool more durable.

What’s the Difference Between Gunite and Shotcrete?

You may have heard the term “shotcrete” as well. Gunite and shotcrete are virtually the same things. Both are applied with spray guns and can be used to create vertical and curved surfaces. The key difference is that gunite arrives at the location dry, and is mixed with water just before it is sprayed. Shotcrete arrives already mixed.

What’s the Difference Between Gunite and Concrete?

While gunite and concrete are compromised of essentially the same materials, they are applied in different ways. The cement, sand, and water concoction for concrete is poured into wooden frames, each section separated by seams. Gunite is sprayed into seamless layers. It can be applied to vertical and curved surfaces, creating a more durable structure.

What’s the Difference Between Gunite and Fiberglass?

Gunite pools are built on-site and can be custom designed. Fiberglass pools are fabricated at a factory and arrive intact at your home. Gunite offers a wide array of options in terms of design and aesthetics.

What’s the Difference Between Gunite and a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Gunite pools use a rebar framework that is covered in a concrete sand mixture. Vinyl liner pools are built of modular panels. These panels are covered with a line made of vinyl.

How Do You Maintain a Gunite Pool?

Maintenance is a crucial consideration for any pool. Gunite has some unique needs that will need to be addressed. As the surface is made of a porous material, it can be prone to algae. This makes brushing your pool’s surface regularly an important task. There are also common jobs that every pool owner needs to do. Keeping the water balanced, the filtration system running, and debris out of the pool are
all essential ways to maintain a pool.

What are the Design Options for a Gunite Pool?

The design options for a gunite pool are virtually limitless. It begins by digging the shape of the pool and the installation of the rebar framework. Next, the gunite is sprayed on and then smoothed. Gunite pools can be designed with tanning ledges, steps, water features, integrated spas, rock formations, and more.

How Long Does a Gunite Pool Last?

When properly cared for, a gunite pool can and will last for decades. Their durability stems from seamless concrete construction. 

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Services & Maintenance