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Pools and Spas in Baton Rouge: The Pool Building Process from Start to Finish

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jan 26, 2023 9:53:00 AM

Installing a swimming pool is a fantastic way to cool down your Louisiana summers, enhance your backyard, and ensure your family and guests will make pool party memories to last. Installation is a multi-step process, but when you partner with friendly, dedicated installation experts, it’s a fun one to watch.

In this post we’ll explore the swimming pool installation process from start to finish, so you know what to expect when getting a new pool. It’s not as complicated as you may think to invest in your property with a high-quality gunite pool that meets your exact specifications. 

Swimming Pool Design 

First, you’ll work with the contractor to decide on the overall design of your pool. Whether you want a shallow and deep end, accent steps, a unique shape, or even a waterfall fixture, pool design experts can work with you to develop a final plan. 

Pool Site Preparation 

The heavy lifting of pool installation is completed during the preparation phase when the space is dug into your backyard. First, grass, fences, and other landscaping will need to be mowed or removed to create room for the pool. You can expect an excavator machine or smaller skid-steer loader to clear a hole where your pool will be formed. 

Swimming Pool Plumbing 

Before the sides of the pool can be built, it is imperative to have the proper plumbing systems and pool pump in place so your pool will run smoothly. Pipes are installed to ensure correct drainage and water management in the future. 

In addition to plumbing, steel rebar is added to the pool’s sides in a pattern resembling a net. This is the “skeleton” of your pool, the structural support that will keep its shape and depth in place. This steel shell typically sits a few inches away from the carved dirt wall. 

Gunite Pool Installation

This step is an exciting one. Pool installation experts shoot concrete out of a gun appliance, achieving a high velocity for a durable gunite surface for the pool. Gunite goes around, behind, and on top of the steel rebar. After this step, your new pool will look less like a hole in the ground and more like a swimming pool.  Gunite needs to be left to dry for a few weeks before the next stage. 


Swimming Pool Finishes 

Next, your contractors will apply the finishes that make your pool aesthetically pleasing. This includes the place placement of tiles, caulk, and plaster. Tiles are typically placed around the pool’s edges, and caulk is used to keep them in place. A layer of waterproof plaster is added throughout the pool to create smooth surfaces.

Electric wiring is also added at this stage. Your electrician will install a new breaker box and other equipment to safely power your pool’s pump, lights, systems, and more. 

If you’re interested in getting a high-quality gunite pool installed at your Baton Rouge home, contact Lucas Firm Pools to learn more. The company’s installation experts will meet with you to carry out these steps in a customer-oriented process that is friendly, cooperative, and fun. Our certified pool operators and guaranteed equipment help to make sure that your newly installed pool will last for decades to come. 

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Baton Rouge Pool Maintenance: Keeping Your Pool in Shape this Winter

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The best summer pool parties rely on significant upkeep during the winter. In Baton Rouge, cooler winter temperatures make it essential to maintain your pool before spring arrives--including keeping an eye on the pool pump, pool filter, pool or hot tub heater, and more. You may not be using your pool as often as you do during the warmer months, but it’s still important to keep an eye on the equipment, helping to ward off time-consuming and expensive repairs. 

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Pool Company in Baton Rouge: What Do You Need to Know About Pool Resurfacing?

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Just like your house may need a new coat of paint every few years, it’s not uncommon for your pool’s surface to need an update. This is especially true in south Louisiana, where you can use your pool the majority of the year. This extra activity can take its toll on the gunite walls, floors, steps, and edges that create the structure of your pool. If you’ve noticed any cracks, rough spots, or any other unsightly areas, it may be time to consider replastering or resurfacing your pool. But what exactly does that entail?

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Home Pools in Baton Rouge: How to Choose an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Nov 15, 2022 1:26:20 PM

Whether you have an Amazon Echo, a Google Home, a Roomba, or a Nest, you have a robot. These robots, so to speak, make our lives easier. The Roomba vacuums so you don’t have to, an Echo or Google Home can control different aspects of your home as well keeping you connected to the information you know longer have to search for. A Nest makes it easier than ever to control the environment around your home. Shouldn’t keeping your pool clean be on this list? While automatic pool cleaners have been around for years, just like with everything else, technology is changing and making them better. So, if you’ve never had one, are planning to build a pool, or are due for an upgrade, here is some helpful information to help you choose the best automatic pool cleaner to keep your pool’s water safe, clean, and clear.

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