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There are many ways to make your business stand out. From exterior signage to billboards and lights, there are several innovative options for drawing attention to yourself. However, one great way to make set your location apart is with a water feature or fountain, which can be located inside or outside of your building or office. Here are a few things to know about water features and how they can enhance your business.

A water feature is exactly what it sounds like. It is some sort of component or apparatus that displays water. They are commonly found in and around pools. A water feature can be anything from a waterfall to a bubble wall to a rain chain to a grotto and more. Water features are designed to promote an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in terms of both sight and sound. While they are typically found as a part of a pool’s design, they can also be integrated into offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, and more.

Water feature have many benefits. Whether it’s something as simple as a fountain or as complex and elaborate as a collection pool, waterfall, or bubble wall, it can provide some differentiation for your business and make it a destination location.  

A bubble wall is a common water feature that can incorporate lights, colors, and other branding elements. This clear, acrylic panel is similar to the tank of an aquarium. This feature offers a tranquil, calming centerpiece. In addition to being a focal point of your space, bubble walls are a great source for stress and anxiety relieve.

A water feature, just like a pool, will need some care and maintenance from time to time. This will all be dependent on the size and scope and amount of your water features. These responsibilities can range from treating the water to simply wiping down or scrubbing the surfaces and corners on a frequent basis.

Fountains and water features act as natural air purifiers. The flow of water attracts dust and allergens, removing them from the environment in your space. Flowing water also produces negative ions in the air which enhances serotonin production, boosts energy, and reduces depression.

Water features and fountains make excellent branding vehicles. Depending on the type of feature that you choose, your logo can easily and impactfully be included. Whether it is etched into the material or superimposed on an additional component, you can make a statement that represents your organization in a bold manner. Couple this with LED lights and other features and your water feature can be a powerful branding tool.

Water features can be as large are as subtle as you desire or can accommodate. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted feature or a standalone fountain, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can enhance an unused corner of your office, or use a bubble wall to divide areas of a restaurant, the options are limitless.

One of the most beneficial features of incorporating water in your business setting is the ability to customize. You can incorporate all of your branding elements from logos and slogans to colors and shapes. Personify and customize a water feature that represents everything your business stands for.

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