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Commercial pool design and construction can benefit a variety of businesses and organizations. From neighborhood, apartment, condo, and hotel pools to office water features and fountains, these services can benefit your employees, guests, customers, clients, and members. Here is everything you need to know about commercial pool and water feature construction.

Our Commercial Services include:

Neighborhood Pools | Apartment Pools | Maintenance | Office Fountains & Water Features
Remodels and Total Pool Rehabilitation

There are three main types of in-ground pools. A vinyl-lined pool uses a custom piece of vinyl that separates the water from the pool’s structure. Fiberglass pools are built from one single piece of fiberglass, known as a shell. There are also gunite pools that can be customized in design and offer durability. Each type of pool construction has its different benefits. Your pool builder should explain the different options you have for your pool.

Depending on the size of the pool and other design elements, it typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete the construction of a gunite swimming pool. For fiberglass pools, the average construction time is between two and four weeks. Vinyl liner pools take about two weeks to complete. Overall schedules can change based on landscaping, patio, and deck construction.

The overall cost of building a pool depends on many different factors. The most significant variables are the size and material of the pool you’d like to build. 

Other considerations like dirt hauling, land clearing, extended decking, electrical work, landscaping, taxes, and permit fees also contribute to the overall price tag of a new pool. 

The pump powers the circulation system to keep water fresh, healthy, safe, and sparkling. Your pool builder should be able to recommend an energy-efficient pump that will be reliable and durable, keeping your pool operating for years.

There are many ways to make your business stand out. From exterior signage to billboards and lights, there are several innovative options for drawing attention to yourself. However, one great way to make set your location apart is with a water feature or fountain, which can be located inside or outside of your building or office. Water features have many benefits. Whether it’s something as simple as a fountain or as complex and elaborate as a collection pool, waterfall, or bubble wall, it can provide some differentiation for your business and make it a destination location.  Fountains and water features act as natural air purifiers. The flow of water attracts dust and allergens, removing them from the environment in your space. Flowing water also produces negative ions in the air which enhances serotonin production, boosts energy, and reduces depression. Water features and fountains make excellent branding vehicles. Depending on the type of feature that you choose, your logo can easily and impactfully be included. Whether it is etched into the material or superimposed on an additional component, you can make a statement that represents your organization in a bold manner. Couple this with LED Pool lights and other features and your water feature can be a powerful branding tool.

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