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Why Your Baton Rouge Pool Builder Uses Shotcrete

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Dec 21, 2016 1:22:26 PM

Lucas_Shotcrete_Blog_Image_v1-01Your holiday season has been a huge success. All 25,000 lights on your house lit up on the first try, your obnoxious cousin’s RV broke down outside of town, and your Christmas bonus arrived right on schedule. Now, there’s only one thing left to do--install your in-ground swimming pool!

But first, you need to decide which type of pool you want.

When laying a solid foundation for your dream pool, you want a structure that will look great, stand the test of time, and be the right fit for your particular landscape. That’s why more people are choosing to start the pool building process with shotcrete or gunite.

But you’re no Clark Griswold. You like to do a little research before jumping into your fantasy. So you probably have some questions about shotcrete and why it’s right for your pool.

What is shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a “free-form” application of concrete that creates a durable, watertight surface. The mixture is created by combining water and concrete prior to installation. Talk with an experienced pool contractor today about the qualified shotcrete installers in the Baton Rouge area..

How is shotcrete installed in Baton Rouge?

The concrete mixture is sprayed pneumatically at a high velocity through a specialized nozzle. It can be applied vertically or horizontally, which allows for plenty of flexibility when attaining the desired shape of your pool. Shotcrete is sprayed onto a steel rebar framework and begins to fortify immediately after application.

What are the advantages of using shotcrete for my Louisiana pool?

  • The low permeability and durable surface of a shotcrete pool in Baton Rouge mean it is unlikely to need major maintenance down the road
  • Adheres to surfaces better than regular concrete
  • Reasonable timeline for installation (usually 4-12 weeks, like gunite and other concrete pools)
  • Perfect for areas with limited space or complex topography

How does shotcrete compare to gunite in Baton Rouge?

Shotcrete is often used interchangeably with gunite when discussing sprayed concrete, but the two processes are slightly different. In our shotcrete mix, the concrete percentage is actually higher than most gunite mixes. This concrete ratio results in a perfectly mixed substrata that is more dense than gunite. Gunite is not typically homogeneous, so you tend to get pockets that may be composed of more sand and gravel than concrete, and vice versa, which causes an unevenness in the density of the substrata.

With gunite, water is not applied to the concrete mix until it’s sprayed from the nozzle. Where shotcrete is typically pre-mixed before arriving at the job site, gunite is mixed by the pump operator as it is leaving the nozzle.

Ask your Baton Rouge pool builder whether gunite or shotcrete is the right foundation for your pool.

How does shotcrete compare to fiberglass?

Fiberglass pool shells take less time to install since the shell is constructed and then dropped into the pool site. They also require less regular maintenance by not being susceptible to algae growth. However, fiberglass is less customizable and can be vulnerable to cracks if drained completely. Fiberglass pools are comparable to gunite and shotcrete in terms of cost, but fall short when considering long term durability. The fiberglass shell tends to become weaker over time and may blister from the outside in.

Your swimming pool is an investment that requires a lot of time and resources. You deserve a pool that will stay strong over time and be tailor-made to your vision.

It’s always best to consult a Baton Rouge in-ground pool building expert to assess which option is right for you. While shotcrete is a great course of action for most pool owners, it requires an experienced hand to apply it properly.

Sold on shotcrete in Baton Rouge?

Let’s get started. 

Now that you have visions of shotcrete dancing in your head, give yourself one last Christmas present and call the experts at Lucas Firmin Pools today.

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