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Baton Rouge Pool and Spa Builders: What Should You Know About Water Features?

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jun 30, 2023 10:00:17 AM

Designing your custom pool can be a fun and creative process. While layout, shape, size, and more are all important, the types of water features you want to include can drastically change how your pool will look, feel, and function. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of water features you can incorporate in your pooland how they work.

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Swimming Pool Waterfalls in Baton Rouge: What to Know About Water Features

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jun 20, 2022 2:59:27 PM

Whether you are designing your new pool or looking for a way to update and upgrade the ambiance of your existing pool, water features should be strongly considered. The sights and sounds of moving water offer a relaxing and aesthetic atmosphere. This is exactly what water features offer. Of course, depending on your taste and style, there are different types of water features that can enhance your pool in a way that is perfect for you.

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Baton Rouge Pool Trends: 5 Pool Design Trends Coming in 2022

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Oct 27, 2021 4:06:23 PM

If you’ve ever seen photos of a pool from 100 years ago, you’ll see quite a big difference in their design then versus pool designs today. The style and designs of pools are ever-evolving and changing. From water features, custom options, and equipment upgrades, the pool of your dreams can now literally be the pool of your dreams. With 2021 coming to a close, we are taking a sneak peek at what trends we will see in the coming year.

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Water Features for Your Gunite Pool [Infographic]

Posted by Lucas Firmin on May 21, 2021 4:32:45 PM

Adding water features to your gunite pool can add dramatic changes in your pool’s appearance as well as create a calming and appealing ambiance.  The type of water feature you add to your pool is a personal choice based on how you want your pool to feel and function.  Here are four features that we commonly see added when building a pool.  

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