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Pool Maintenance in Baton Rouge: What Does Cold Weather Mean for Your Pool?

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Oct 7, 2021 2:25:00 PM

008_1pEzwAc3_night_2019-11-6-22-26-3Pools are designed and meant for the hot weather that is prevalent across south Louisiana for much of the year. However, even as long-awaited, or seldom it may be, cold, even freezing weather does make its way down here. When it arrives, ideally before it arrives, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your home’s pool is ready for a brief hibernation. Taking a few extra maintenance steps will keep your pool clean, safe, protected, and ready for spring.

Keep the Water Clear of any Debris

Leaves, pine needles, mulch, grass, and other debris can sink to the bottom and stain the surface of your pool. It is important to remove anything in the water throughout the winter.

Balance Your Pool’s Water

The pH level of your pool’s water is very important. Not only does it influence the clarity and safety of the water, it can also extend the life and functionality of your pool’s equipment. A pH level of 7.2 – 7.6 is recommended for the winter months.

Trim Trees, Bushes, and other Landscaping Around Your Pool

As mentioned above, debris in the pool can not only impact the health of the water, it can also damage the structure of the pool itself. A great way to mitigate this problem is the trim any tree branches, shrubs,f or other landscaped areas. This will save time in the long run.

Winterizing Your Pool

While our climate doesn’t make it necessary to winterize your pool, it can be an option to keep it clean and protected.

  • Clean the pool by removing any debris
  • Balance the water
  • Remove and store any pool accessories
  • Clean and backwash the pool’s filter
  • Lower the water level
  • Drain your pump, heaters, chlorinating equipment, and filters
  • Cover your pool

These are only a few things you can do to prepare your pool for winter. Taking these steps in advance can save a lot of time and money, as well as ensuring that your pool is safe, healthy, and ready for spring. Lucas Firmin Pools builds and services pools across the Baton Rouge area.

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