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Baton Rouge Pool Maintenance: Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jan 19, 2018 11:23:28 AM

Baton Rouge Pool Maintenance: Energy Saving Tips for WinterWinter in south Louisiana may be hard to notice at times, but it does tend to give us a break from the stifling heat and smothering humidity.  It is also a time of the year when our air conditioners, and thankfully our wallets get a break from sky high energy bills.  However, as a pool owner you are very familiar with the amount of power it takes to keep your pool clean, safe, and operating; the good news is that the winter months should also provide some relief in this area as well.  Here are a few tips that can help to keep the energy costs associated with your pool down, while making sure it stays clean and ready for the warmer temperatures right around the corner.

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

The type of pool pump you have plays a huge role in the amount of energy that you use.  Opting for an energy efficient pump when you build your pool can mean tremendous savings throughout the year.  While these pumps cost more initially, they essentially pay for themselves through energy savings.

Reduce Pumping Time

Many pool owners tend to run their pumps more often than necessary. recommends that filtration time not exceed six hours each day.  Should you find the water quality less than desirable, increase the time in 30 minute increments.  However, a study recently showed that pool owners who reduced filtration to three hours each day recognized up to 60% in energy savings while enjoying adequate water quality. 

Use a Pool Pump Timer

Using a timer to allow for pumping during non-peak hours can help to curtail energy costs.  Also setting a timer to run your pump for short interval, several times a day can help keep debris out of your pool.  With that being said, keeping grates and filters clear of debris will help your pump continue to run more efficiently.

Pool Heating Options

If you have a pool heater or are considering one, there are some energy saving options that you can employ this time of the year.  Raising the temperature of the water can cost 10-30% more for each degree.  Gas pool heaters are the most popular, as they actually warm the water.  Electric heaters, or heat pumps, simply move heat from one place to another, they don’t generate heat.  Gas heaters are ideal for quick and efficient heating for short periods of time.  Solar heaters are another option that can be very cost effective.

These are only a few ways to improve the energy efficiency of your pool.  If you’ve noticed higher than normal energy bills, it may be time to have you pool inspected.  Lucas Firmin Pools designs, builds, inspects, and maintains pools in the Baton Rouge area.  With their expertise, experience, and the highest quality equipment and processes,   Lucas Firmin Pools can inspect, maintain, and design the pool of your dreams.

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