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Comparing Shotcrete to Fiberglass: What’s Best for Your Baton Rouge Pool?

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Feb 15, 2018 10:54:35 AM

Comparing Shotcrete to Fiberglass: Whats best for your baton rouge pool?Paper or plastic, mustard or mayonnaise, cat person or dog person.  We all have different preferences for a number of different things.  While most of these are based on our opinions, when it comes to building your in-ground pool in Baton Rouge, some options have more tangible benefits than others. The main one being what your pool is actually made of. 

There are a variety of pool materials.  Vinyl lining, fiberglass, or shotcrete.  Each material has its advantages, but it is important to consider the long term health and durability of your pool, as well as the customization that you seek in your design, in addition to any terrain or landscaping challenges you may face. 

With fiberglass pools can be installed very quickly.  The fiberglass shell is prebuilt and simply dropped into your yard.  However, while the timeline is shorter, this type of pool is also very limited in how it can be designed.  Shotcrete pools take longer to install, but the customization available is virtually limitless. 

Shotcrete also offers several durability advantages as well.  Due to its low permeability and durable surface, the need for major maintenance and repairs is unlikely.   Based on the long-term durability, comparable cost, and the total customization of your design, shotcrete provides everything you will want out of your new pool.

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