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Baton Rouge Pool Inspectors: The Importance of an Inspection Before Buying a Home with a Pool

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Nov 10, 2020 12:27:00 PM

pool inspectionAnytime you buy a home an inspection is a critical step in the purchasing process. Before you make the biggest investment of your life, you need to ensure that roof and foundation are in good shape, the electrical was done correctly, and that your soon-to-be new home is safe and sound. However, inspections should go beyond the walls of your house, especially if your new home has a pool. While a pool can be a fun and exciting feature, if it hasn’t been properly maintained or has underlying problems, it can cause major, expensive issues that could impact other areas of your home and property.

A pool inspection is essential in addition to your home’s normal inspection and appraisal. This inspection will cover everything from the elevation of the pool deck’s surface to the functionality of the pump and everything in between. It is also important to know that while a traditional home inspector may look at the pool and include his or her findings in the report, you need an expert opinion from someone who understands the inner workings of a residential pool.

An in-ground pool has a lot of complex parts, systems, and equipment. Pumps, filters, heaters, plumbing, water features, and decking all need to be assessed and evaluated for functionality and safety. An experienced pool builder makes the best pool inspector. As they build pools, literally from under the ground up, they are are well-versed in how a pool should, and more importantly, shouldn’t work. Here are a few things that a professional pool inspector will check:

Physical Condition of the Pool’s Infrastructure

First and foremost is determining what is the state of the pool’s physical condition. Depending on the care and maintenance that the previous owners provided, a lot can be revealed during this part of the inspection. Results can range from simple, superficial stains and surface cracks to major issues that may need repair or renovation. Your inspector will assess any tile, the interior plaster finish, decking, and coping. Each of these elements can present different issues. Your inspector can provide not only an overall condition of the pool’s infrastructure, but also a solution.

Condition of the Backyard and Pool Deck

What surrounds your pool is just as important as the pool itself. The backyard and deck area should be evaluated for proper drainage. This goes beyond the yard and ground level surfaces. Where are the gutters located? Are they distributing water into the pool? All of these variables can affect your pool.

Pool Safety Measures that Adhere to Local Regulations

Pool’s have specific safety measures and codes that they must meet. Your inspector should be very familiar these requirements. Fence dimensions, self-latching locks, alarms, and other safety measures should all be inspected, checked, and recommended if they aren’t currently adequate.

Pool Equipment Condition

One of the most important aspects of a pool is its equipment. The pump, filtration system, plumbing, heater, electrical, and any water features should be thoroughly checked for functionality, efficiency, and performance. Not only can this save you money in the future, it can ensure that your pool is safe, efficient, and working as it should.

Lucas Firmin Pools builds custom pools in the Baton Rouge area. With decades of experience building pools, our team of experts knows exactly how to thoroughly examine residential pools. Before you purchase a new home with a pool, trust these pros to make sure your all is safe.New Call-to-action

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