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Swimming Pool Repair in Baton Rouge: Common Problems and Fixes

Posted by Lucas Firmin on May 20, 2022 11:30:23 AM

Swimming Pool Repair in Baton Rouge- Common Problems and FixesFew things are more frustrating than walking to your car in the morning and discovering a flat tire or a dead battery. However, there are simple and familiar solutions for these problems, and they typically don’t cost you much more than inconvenience. Now when it’s time to take a relaxing dip in your pool and you hear a strange sound or the water isn’t as clear as it should be, this scenario could be a larger cause for concern. If you noticed your pool’s performance is struggling it is time to address any potential issues and have your pool repaired. Here are some common pool repairs, how to recognize them, and what they mean.

A Pool with a Leaking Skimmer

If you suspect that your pool may have a leak, check the skimmer first. This can be a common area of separation in gunite pools. Skimmers can also leak through cracks in the sidewall as well.   Fortunately, pool putty can easily and permanently resolve minor leaks. However, cracks in wall junctions may require a deeper repair. To detect a skimmer leak, look for small bits of debris that have been sucked into a crack. It’s also a good idea to contact a leak detection company to perform a pressure test to find any and all leak sources.

A Pool with a Clogged Pump Impeller

If you haven’t cleaned your pool in a while, or if there’s been a storm that has blown a lot of debris into your pool, it is not uncommon for your pump impeller to become clogged. There are number of reasons for this; from holes in the pump basket to incorrect installation. These clogs can cause the pressure rate to drop. As debris gets around the basket, you’ll notice that it doesn’t seem full, but the motor sounds different. To fix this, shut off of the power to the pump.   You may be able to clear the clog by hand, but if not you’ll need to open the pump at the seal plate to expose the impeller.

A Pool with a Leaking Pool Filter

A leak in your pool’s filter can be dangerous. Filters that are leaking through pin holes should be replaced. Small leaks around the filter’s air bleeder are common and can usually be fixed with a replacement o-ring.   Leaking drain plugs and drain caps can also be replaced.

A Pool with Melted Pump Fittings

The threads on your pumps PVC fittings can heat up and shrink. If this occurs these fitting will need to be removed and replaced; Teflon tape and pool putty won’t solve this problem. This typically occurs if the pool pump runs for a few hours without water, causing it to get so hot that the fittings become deformed.

A Pool with a Leaking Pump

Your pool’s pump is constantly under pressure, which can make it susceptible to leaks. To look for a leak in your pool’s pump, look at the pipe coming out of the pump. The pump lid and drain plug won’t leak because they are under a vacuum. Pumps that leak down the back bottom of the seal plate points to a blown shaft seal.

No matter the issue with your pool may be, it’s important to trust your repair to a trusted pool contractor. Lucas Firmin pools builds, services, and repairs custom residential and commercial pools and spas in the Baton Rouge area.


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