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Baton Rouge Gunite Pool Prices: What Features Influence Cost?

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jul 13, 2017 2:59:48 PM

AdobeStock_40159219.jpegWhen you decide to build a pool there are a lot of things to consider.  And these considerations will directly influence the price of your pool.  Just like when you shop for a car, the more features you want, the higher the cost will be.  So as you plan to turn your yard into your own personal oasis remember to contemplate and prioritize what is most important and how that will impact your budget.  Here are some common things that will dictate the price of a gunite pool.

Pool Decking

One key feature to any pool is the decking and patio that surrounds it.  This is both a functional and aesthetic element.  This will be included in your estimate and can be as basic or as elaborate as you can imagine.  Obviously a basic concrete deck and simple design will be the least expensive.  As you add and improve materials and other design elements, the cost will increase.

Pool Lighting

Lighting for your pool offers two benefits.  The first is safety; allowing people to swim safely after dark.  The second is ambience.  You have many options when it comes to pool lighting including: the number of lights, size of the lights, and the color of the lights.  Furthermore you can select LED lights that offer different color and size combinations.  The size of your pool will also dictate how many lights you should install, which again will influence the total price.

Pool Size

This one is pretty obvious, but it is also determined by a few other things.  The first will be the size of the space you have planned for your pool.  Secondly, how do you want to use the pool?  Once these criterions are met, you can look at how your selected dimensions impact your budget.  Of course the larger the size, the higher the price.  Other factors can also influence the cost as well, such as design and depth.

Landscaping Around Your Pool

Like decking, the landscaping that you choose to include around your pool is determined by your preferences.  The more ornate and involved, the higher the cost, and vice versa.  It is also important to consider how the plants will affect the pool and its maintenance, such as dropping leaves and other debris. 

These are only a few of the things that influence the cost of a gunite pool.  By hiring a trusted pool builder you can get the feedback and information you need to make the best decisions for your pool and your wallet. 

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