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Residential Swimming Pools in Baton Rouge: Renovations and Remodels

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jun 22, 2020 3:27:00 PM

baton rouge swimming pool contractorsUpdating your bathroom or upgrading your kitchen are common home renovations. They each add style, comfort, functionality, and value to your home. However, renovations aren’t limited to the interior of your home. One key feature of your property that may need a facelift is your pool. Whether it’s an older pool, your needs have changed, or you simply want to update and upgrade, a pool renovation or remodel is a great option. Pool renovations can be as simple or as complex as you need. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to pool remodeling.

New Pool Tile and Coping

One easy and less expensive way to upgrade the aesthetics of your pool is with new coping and tile. Coping is the concrete or stone material that is used to cap the pool’s shell wall. This can be gunite, natural stone like flagstone, or other materials that your builder can recommend. Tile is another component that can be updated to provide a change in shape, style, texture, and color.

New Pool Plaster

Resurfacing can restore the appearance and structural integrity of your pool. This is especially true for older pools or pools may not have been used or maintained in some time. By draining and cleaning the pool, then adding a fresh coat of plaster bring any pool back to life.

New Pool Decking

Changing your pool deck’s material or expanding the decking around your pool can enhance the fashion and function of your backyard. Additional space for seating and furniture, an outdoor kitchen, upgraded materials and more can all change how your pool looks and feels.

New Pool Trim Tiles

Trim tiles on steps and around the pool can brighten up any pool. These subtle additions are a great way to enhance your pool.

New Pool Water Features

Water features can really add to the experience of your pool. From water falls to bubblers and everything in between, the sights, sounds, and feel of your pool.

Cocktail Pools

If you have a large pool, or larger than you want or need, converting it to a cocktail pool can be a great idea. A cocktail pool is simply a small pool. They are perfect for smaller areas and limited spaces. Cocktail pools also require less maintenance.

These are only a few options for pool renovations. The most important decision is selecting the right pool builder to bring these updates to life. Lucas Firmin Pools builds and maintains custom pools in the Baton Rouge area.

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