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Pool Maintenance Service in Baton Rouge: Maintenance Tips As Summer Ends

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Sep 14, 2023 5:43:03 PM

AdobeStock_46804916-1This is the time of the year when our schedules, and the weather start to change; one usually faster than the other. As kids head back to school, start new sports and activities, and the temperature slowly drops, the way you use your pool begins to change as well. So with less time to swim and the year beginning to wind down, how can you get your pool in shape for a brief hibernation?

Check and Clean Your Pool Filter

If you had a busy, pool-filled summer this is a good time to clean your pool filter. It’s important to have a clean filter as more debris, like leaves, will be making their way into your pool. Having a clean filter going into a quieter time of the year will keep your water cleaner, and put less stress on your pump.

Trim Trees and Hedges Near Your Pool

This is a preemptive measure that can save you some extra work as we get deeper into fall. While it’s still very important to keep leaves and other debris out of the water, some initial pool landscaping can help to alleviate a lot of skimming later.

Pay Closer Attention to Pool Chemicals

With dropping temperatures, and lower water levels, the amount of chemicals you typically use will change this time of the year. This means using fewer chemicals, and even checking them less frequently, which will save you time and money.

Remove Leaves and Any Other Debris from the Pool

It’s important to remove any leaves from your pool as they begin to fall. As leaves accumulate algae will begin to grow and develop, causing the leaves to sink to the bottom, staining the material.

Adjust the Use of Your Pool’s Pump

This is the time of the year when your pool pump can also take break.   With significantly less activity, you should be able to run your pool pump less during the day. While during the summer 14 hours is necessary to turn over the water, you may be able to do the same in 8 hours during the offseason.

Fall and winter are just like summer when it comes to caring for and maintaining your pool; keeping the water safe and clean is the number one goal. Lucas Firmin Pools is a custom pool builder in the Baton Rouge area and they also offer professional pool maintenance services.


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