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Baton Rouge Pool Installation: How to Plan for Your New Pool

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Apr 22, 2022 10:00:57 AM

It’s never too early to look ahead to next summer, and with south Louisiana’s climate, not only is the warm weather here for a while, it will be back again before we know it, making now the perfect time to plan for a new pool. But what goes into planning for a new pool?

There are a number of considerations to make from the way you intend to use the pool, design, the shape and size of your yard, and several other amenities will come into play. Here are few things to keep in mind as you plan for your pool.

Decide What Kind of Pool You Want

Do you just want a pool, do you want a spa, both? Depending on the space you have available are you more interested in cocktail pool? This is the basic starting point that will help you to determine what you would like for your yard and define your design options.

What Are Your Plans for Your Pool?

How you plan on using your new pool will go a long way in determining the size, shape, amenities, and overall design. Would you like to be able to swim laps, will it be mainly for the kids, do you plan on entertaining around it, or is a combination of all of these and then some? Once you have an overall idea of what you’d like and what you’d like it for, a custom pool design that meets all of your needs can be created.

Decide Where Your Pool Will Go

The size and shape of your yard, as well as other considerations like an outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio (or plans for any) will all dictate your design options. Of course, if you have a large yard, your options are virtually limitless. But even if you have limited space there are still a lot of things that can be done in terms of a cocktail pool.

Plan for Maintenance

Make sure that you understand what goes in to owning a pool. While Louisiana’s warm climate allows for longer seasons to enjoy your new pool, it also means more maintenance. Keeping the water clean and safe, and keeping the structure and equipment of the pool protected are top priorities. While you can opt to do these regular tasks yourself, like: testing the water, skimming and vacuuming, adding chemicals and more; you can also hire a pool service company to take care of these chores for you.

These are only a few things that go into the planning stages of building a pool at your home. Lucas Firmin Pools builds and services custom pools in the Baton Rouge area.


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