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Swimming Pool Services in Baton Rouge:  How to Prepare Your Pool Before Vacation

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Aug 2, 2019 11:59:41 AM

preparing your pool for vacationIt’s that time of the year where vacations are in full swing.  Whether you’re trying to get one last escape in before school starts, or you are making your annual pilgrimage to the beach, you have a lot of things to plan, consider, and prepare.  One thing that may go overlooked is your home’s pool.  No matter what time of the year you are planning your getaway, there are some important steps you’ll need to take to ensure you return home to a safe, healthy pool.  Here is a simple checklist for your pre-vacation pool prep.

  • Check your pool’s water level. Make sure that your pool is adequately filled. 
  • Check the forecast for while you’re away. If heavy rains or thunderstorms are predicted, it can impact how much water you have in your pool, as well as the chemicals you add.
  • Remove any debris that is on the surface or in the pool. This will prevent any stains from sunken debris.  Also, empty your skimmer baskets and filter before you leave. 
  • Test your pool’s water. Make sure the pH is balanced, and the appropriate amount of chemicals are in the water.  This will help keep the water clean and healthy while you are away.
  • Make sure your pump and filter are on and running. If your pump has a timer, make sure that it’s set to run for at least 8 hours a day.  Again this will ensure that water in the pool continues to circulate.
  • Make sure that all of your safety measures are in place. Gate latches should be in place and secure. Pool alarms should be set.  If you have a safety cover, install it.

These are a few steps that can help you enjoy your vacation a little bit more.  Knowing that your pool is safe and secure, and you’ll be arriving home to clean, clear water provides some extra peace of mind.  You can also hire a professional pool maintenance company, whether it’s just while you’re away or on a regular basis, a pool maintenance service provider can save you time and keep your pool in great shape.  Lucas Firmin Pools builds custom pools and maintains commercial and residential pools in the Baton Rouge area.

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