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3 Pool Maintenance Checks for Summer [Infographic]

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jun 28, 2021 12:39:09 PM

3 summer pool maintenance stepsKeeping your pool's water safe and clean is a top priority, especially in the summer months.  Regular pool maintenance becomes more important when swimming activity increases.  While this may sound like more work, it is actually quite simple to keep your pool's water and systems safe and clean this summer and throughout the year.  With frequent testing of the water's pH and chemicals, keeping the pool clear of debris, and having a clean filter will help to ensure a fun and healthy summer!

summer pool maintenance tips

Keep your pool fresh, clear, and bright this summer and throughout the year.  Download our pool maintenance e-book for all the answers, or have one of our experts come out and get your pool back in shape!

pool maintenance ebook

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