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Baton Rouge Pool Services: The Best Swimming Pool Accessories for the Summer

Posted by Lucas Firmin on Jun 29, 2020 11:26:00 AM

Baton Rouge Pool Services: The Best Swimming Pool Accessories for the SummerSummer has arrived, and like it typically does in south Louisiana, it comes early and stays late.  So as the festivities of the season heat up, your pool is going to see a lot of action.  Are you looking for some new ways to enjoy your pool, entertain your guests, and make new memories?  Whether it’s a gathering for Father’s Day, a 4th of July cookout, a birthday party, or just a regular Tuesday afternoon, here are a few things that you can add to your pool for extra fun, comfort, and convenience.

Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You can easily and conveniently connect your mobile device to this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.  Play your favorite music safely while you relax poolside, or you can actually bring it in the water because it floats. 

Spa Bar Inflatable Tray

Keep your drinks and snacks upright and dry with an inflatable tray.  It can sit securely on the side of your pool or spa, or float freely, making it easy to access from anywhere in the water.  With specially designed sections you can easily serve and display a variety of drinks, containers, and food.

Poolside Towel Rack

A poolside towel rack is a great way to keep your towels organized and fresh.  Instead of cluttering your patio furniture with heaps of damp towels, you can always have a dry towel within reach as you get into and of the water.  These racks also work well for goggles, bags, and other items.

Mono fin Mermaid Tails

Your kids’ imaginations can run, or swim, wild with a mono fin mermaid tail.  With a variety of shiny colors and textures, and fade resistant material, these fins will last all summer.  Due to the design of the mermaid tail, there is no tying of the fin to your feet, making them easy to take off and on, in and out of the water.

Pool Buoy Floating Umbrella

Enjoying the shade is no longer a luxury reserved for your pool deck.  Now you can cool off in the pool and still enjoy a break from the sun.  These umbrellas don’t only offer UV protection, but they can also be equipped with cup holders, flat surfaces, and other amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of your pool.

These are only a few fun things that you can add to your existing pool.  However, you are interested in building a pool, or updating or upgrading, the expert team at Lucas Firmin Pools is here to help.  Lucas Firmin Pools builds and services custom pools in the Baton Rouge area.

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